The current workforce is being dominated by Millennials and they have undoubtedly challenged the way workspaces are being designed. Millennials value their work environment and they prefer spaces and furniture that are conducive to informal and non-hierarchical collaboration. This is how resimercial design steps into the design movement in the workspace. Resimercial design is the combination of residential and commercial design into one. It transforms the office into a comfortable and stress-reduced environment where employees can become more productive and engaged with their work.

Discover the benefits of resimercial design in the workspace:

Employee Engagement and Retention

Resimercial elements such as upholstery furniture, ambient lighting and residential accessories can create familiarity and warmth in the workspace. It can create a comfortable work environment that can keep employees to relieve stress, promote innovation and engage better. According to Brandware Research, employees who are satisfied with their workplace are less likely to resign. In the long run, resimercial design in the workplace is beneficial to employee retention and wellbeing.


Work doesn’t need to be situated in traditional workstations. According to Visix, 19% of millennials value flexibility as their most important workplace benefit. Soft seating systems are now designed to support both work and comfort. The Vitra Soft Work seating system is a sofa that can be assembled in different arrangements. It has mobile tables that can be pulled out with charging stations and power outlets.


Resimercial design can bring in different modes of activity in the workspace. An example suggested by Workdesign is the Carters’ headquarters with either side of the reception designed with a living room style area with comfortable seating and rugs. The company wanted to evoke family comfort in their space that aligns with their company’s vision and to create a place to collaborate and recharge.

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Success execution of resimercial design in the workspace can impact the company culture and create a work environment that exerts warmth and creativity. In the long run it will increase employee retention and engagement in the workplace.