A necessity for the modern office, the 9AM workstation revolutionises the way we

work. The 9AM merges technology, traditional workstations and wellness to create the next generation of workspaces.


Current smart desks are typically misused by the user but 9AM bypasses this. Using workplace sensors, spatial insight and AIoT technology, the 9AM is expansive. This means that the data collected and the ways it can be used are expansive too. Heatmaps showing office utilisation, AI generated feedback and real-time workstation information are gathered as a starting point for effective workplace strategy. Not only technologically advanced, the 9AM is GREENGUARD and BIFMA certified. By digitalising the office with 9AM, everyone benefits.

With the 9AM system, your office never stops improving. The ongoing partnership with Microsoft ensures that the 9AM continues to learn and innovate with the latest of technological developments. This makes the 9AM so much more than just a workstation.

Employee Benefits

With a wellness centred approach to working, the 9AM is a smart desk that is truly tailored to the user. Personal preferences for the height of the workstation can be set so that whether it is sitting or standing, it is specific to you.

Simply scanning a QR code allows access to a personal health report with an analysis of the daily, weekly and even monthly sit/stand data of the user. Timed movement reminders can also be set up to prompt the user to move, from which a daily calorie burn can be calculated. With the vast capabilities of the 9AM, the perfect balance of work, health and lifestyle at the workplace is possible.

Employer Benefits

9AM provides solutions for critical issues that were once typically an oversight in workplace strategy. As a business, one of those oversights is employee wellbeing. With 9AM, this is actively facilitated by encouraging a healthy sit/stand working habit with daily ergonomic movement which in turn, enhances productivity.

At the workplace, the 9AM ingeniously monitors movement around the office and gathers data to truly understand user behaviour. The way in which users interact with workspaces, meeting rooms and even breakout spaces is noted and from that, feedback is produced to improve the layout and increase efficiency. The 9AM provides trend tracking as well as data visualisation to make realising office potential easier than ever before. From a real estate perspective, the 9AM allows a business to make evidence-based decisions so that future relocation and expansion plans are streamlined.

9AM is the pinnacle of modern, smart desks. With its advanced technology and comprehensive data, all bases are covered with just one system.

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