When planning a workplace layout, it is crucial to consider the way meeting rooms are going to be designed and the furniture arrangement placed inside. When selecting conference tables, the shape has an impact on the users and the conversations that will take place inside the meeting room.

Is the conference table going to be used for client meetings or small group discussions? Here are some of the aspects you should consider when selecting conference tables

Rectangular Shaped:

Walter Knoll Conference-X

The rectangular shaped table is not only the most popular and timeless design, but it is also functional. The work surface is flat and suitable for various work purposes. It offers adequate space for larger groups to work and to brainstorm.

Round/Oval Shaped:

Walter Knoll Scale-Media

Circular shape designs provide an inviting and inclusive outlook. A round-shaped conference table is suitable for smaller group meetings. An oval-shaped conference table can still accommodate larger groups such as for meetings and discussions.


Sedus Mastermind

V-shaped tables are suitable for training sessions and seminars. Since there is an open space in the centre of the table, there is enough room to place for the equipment required for audio-visual presentations and to give space for the conductor to move around.

If the conference table needs to be used for various purposes then it is best to select a modular table that can offer possibilities for customization. Careful consideration in conference tables can increase productivity and knowledge sharing in the office.