Flexibility in the workspace enables employees to connect with others and share knowledge. It can cultivate a positive office culture and increase productivity.

Discover our selection of products that help bring flexibility in the workspace:

Mobile Partition

The Vitra Dancing Wall can create a variety of office layouts to facilitate different work situations and adapt to various team sizes. The mobile partition is perfect for spontaneous changes within the office. It consists of a metal frame where it can be equipped as a bookshelf, TV unit or as a room divider.

Standing Seat

The Sedus Se:fit is an innovative standing seat that fosters movement and change of posture throughout the day. The stool is height adjustable and can be easily carried by its handle whether you are at a standing desk or a bench. There are two operating buttons for height adjustable and is located below the seat for easy access.

Foldable Conference Table

The Sedus Mastermind Fold Conference Table is convenient for multipurpose meeting spaces as it can be easily stooled away with its sophisticated folding mechanism. Its unique Securelock System keeps the table in place when it is unfolded and even before it is locked.

Stackable Chairs

The Howe 40/4 Chair is a classic stackable chair that creates space and multi-use for various spaces. The name 40/4 Chair is an expression of the fact that 40 chairs are able to be stacked within 4 feet. Aside from its stackable feature, the chair is conceived for comfort during long periods of sitting.

Flexibility has definitely taken a center stage with the design of furniture products in the workplace. The use of adaptive and innovative products has increased rapidly and have become the solution to optimise meeting spaces.