In our constant efforts to bring you the best, most innovative products on the market, we are thrilled to introduce our latest brand partner, Holmris, from Denmark. A family-owned company for 80 years, it was started in 1937 by a 26-year-old cabinet-maker with a dream to start his own business.

Holmris produces furniture and interior design solutions that focus on quality, sustainability, innovation and diversity. The company is regarded as amongst the move innovative furniture companies in Denmark, targeting four market sectors; office, learning, hospitality and healthcare.

Their furniture range showcases their commitment to original craftmanship, with beautifully detailed armchairs, tables, desks, cabinets, screen walls and sofas. JEB is proud to be a distributor in Australia and Singapore and has several products from the collection on display in both showrooms.

In their mission to challenge the ordinary and set new trends, they have developed outstanding products, such as the Igloo space divider system. Designed to provide a modular framework for defined meeting & work space within an open office environment, it can also integrate with digital media.

The Shark Chair is a beautifully expressive chair with strong curves and sleek details. Referencing the form of a Hammerhead Shark, it has a visual and physical lightness and is a perfect all-round chair for multiple applications.

Responding to the consistent demand for acoustic furniture solutions, the Tweet sofa collection provides a clever modular system for individual and group seating. The pouf and daybed can be fitted with a backrest and an additional screen element for even greater acoustic and visual privacy.

All production at Holmris is undertaken with sustainability in mind and in accordance with Denmark’s strict environmental regulations. They are well aware of minimising their environmental footprint and fully embrace a sustainable mindset, even recycling or donating used furniture.

As a company that triumphs in merging traditional Danish design with modern technology, we predict even greater success for the company in the future and invite you to visit our Sydney and Singapore showrooms to see the collection in person.